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Empowering Real Estate Agents and Buyers to Acquire Mortgages

Nicolas Mourra
Nicolas Mourra
Sr. Loan Advisor
Christian Mourra
Christian Mourra

Our values help us set the bar high.

Our values define us.
They guide us in building and improving our service, hiring team members, and serving our customers.
Customers First
For some, this is the most important purchase of their lives. For others, it might be another investment. No matter the circumstance, we aim to provide our customers with five-star service to help them get their mortgage promptly and understand the process better. We want our clients to learn about the industry and walk away with proficient knowledge. Buying real estate is the first step toward financial success and freedom, the stepping stone toward generational wealth.
We are here to provide you with the tools to build your empire.
At Rate Leaf, we worry about your home loan as if it were our escrow deposit on the line.
We know that timing is important to loan funding. It's why we get up in the morning, and the reason we burn the midnight oil—because your home is our priority.
Security Speaks
Keeping your data and documents secure is our top priority. We use AES 256-bit “military-grade” security encryption. This standard is to comply with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) that govern the handling of sensitive data.
We value your information as much as you do!
Our licensed mortgage brokers are trained to meet the highest quality standards on paper. But what makes them trustworthy is how they go above and beyond to protect your escrow deposit and the way they'll cheer you on until you reach closing.
We'll be with you every step of the way until funding.
The most important part of the home buying process is communication and coordination. That's why Rate Leaf communicates with clients constantly, to make sure we're keeping you in the loop so that you don't have to make the effort of reaching out to find out the status of your loan.
At Rate Leaf, we strive for success: which means yours and implies ours. We know that timing is essential to loan funding.
Our team dedicates itself to delivering timely service and clear communication. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and unconditional support throughout the complete loan process. Our committed team members are only a call away should you have any questions or concerns, no matter the stage.
Remember, this is a family business where we want our clients to feel at Home!
Unparalleled Service
At our core, Rate Leaf holds itself true to the idea of community. Unlike big banks, we serve you.
We're here to answer every single question and ease every doubt. Our team is patient but persistent, and we'll follow through on every document submission, low-rate lock-in, and more.